The LED lamp shade water-based The light diffusion agent

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Water-based light diffusion agent JSYA - 7080, organic methyl acrylate polymer modified, spread evenly on the surface of the fog light effects, point light source into surface light source, high luminous flux, haze

Can't see the lamp bead and water-based epoxy resin. The acrylic resin

Polyester resin and water-based resin emulsion, good compatibility Easy to disperse
Is mainly used in LED light diffusion chimney, glass lamps, LED has pervious to light opaque effect
A, product indicators  The LED lamp shade water-based The light diffusion agent:
Than the heavy:0.98-1.01g/ cm ³
Material is qualitativeCROSS-INKCD CMA

Than the heavy0.98-1.01g/ cm ³

The water content:≥ 0.2(20)

Oil absorption0.6-0.8cc/g  

Fold the firing rate1.49-1.52  

light tong rate0.88-0.90lm/w

Particle size of the circleDS6/8

Second, the product features  The LED lamp shade water-based The light diffusion agent:

1. The water temperature resistant light diffusion agent JSY - 7080 to 210 ℃, with all kinds of milky white resin, water soluble resin compatibility is good, does not affect the coating adhesion to the substrate, can produce a * * * light diffusion effect, usually add a 3-12%, can produce good surface fog light expansion effect, luminous flux of up to 88-90%, also can add in epoxy resin sealing glue, make the LED light diffusion light bead, make soft diffused light LED lamp bead, direct to protect his eyes from the leds.
JSY - 7080-The LED lamp shade water-based The light diffusion agent2. Water-based light diffusion agent added in water-based resin, through mixing, after high speed stirring dispersion, due to the baking resistance good, uniform particle size, easy to disperse, moderate viscosity, pump shower curtain is not easy to generate bubble, so good workability, screen printing, roller coating, dip coating, can be coated on the glass surface, forming a layer of light diffusion coating thickness uniformity, so as to achieve the LED glass lamp light diffusion effect, high light transmittance, can't see the light source, more energy conservation and environmental protection.
3. Water-based light diffusion agent JSY - 7080 through the SGS, ROHS testing, do not contain heavy metal, halogen, harmful material such as VOC, easy storage and transportation of environmental protection.
The LED lamp shade water-based The light diffusion agent
The water content:
≥ 0.2(20 ℃ )
Oil absorption:
Fold the firing rate:
light tong rate:
Particle size of the circle:
Than the heavy:
0.98-1.01g/ cm ³
Material is qualitative:
Than the heavy:
0.98-1.01g/ cm ³
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