Silica gel The light diffusion agent

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Silica gel The light diffusion agent

This product is specially for the LED industry Silica gel The light diffusion agent, organic silicon powder is used as raw materials, high temperature with no yellowing or discoloration phenomenon, can make the light in the media material through the process of struggle out of the light, so as to achieve the light diffusion effect   Silica gel The light diffusion agent
Is mainly used for used for silicone extrusion, die, all kinds of liquid coating, silica gel point light into light face of silicone LED lamp, LED silicone light belt, silica gel lamp, LED silicone LED luminous characters, silicone tube, LED LED potting glue, potting silicone, silicone LED line, LED resin, silica gel, silica gel, LED strips LED sealing silicone lamp, LED milk white silica gel inside the casing and other products
Special silica gel diffusion agent main function is to make the LED light silicone article lamp, lamp and so on have high fog foggy haze milky surface can't see the silica gel inside the LED lamp bead, so as to achieve the overall lighting effect, than the traditional organic silicon light diffusion agent haze effect is good, good whiteness, can also be used in synthetic resin and engineering plastics such as PC, PS, PMMA, PP, and so on. Good light diffusion effect, smooth performance and wear resistance

Silica gel The light diffusion agent A. The basic specifications:
This product physical and chemical properties to true organic silicon micro spherical powder, particle size uniform.

The name of the:Silica gel diffusion of light
appearance:White powder
The average particle size:1.5μm
The refractive index:1.43
Surface activity:Oil, hydrophobic
The moisture content:≤0.5%

2. Silica gel The light diffusion agent Product features:
1. Easy to disperse: 2. Very good temperature resistance, solvent resistance, acid-proof alkaline: 3. Good mechanical strength.

3.Silica gel The light diffusion agent Product use:

Usage: as the medium of efficient light diffusion added directly into the silicone, silicone rubber, paint, or add it into a transparent resin (PC, PS, PMMA, PP, etc.), or added into the epoxy adhesives are made of astigmatism, astigmatism sizing sheet, astigmatism, astigmatism injection molding parts, etc., has been widely used in LCD, LED packaging, LED lamps, LED lamp, etc.

Usage: when using a light diffusion agent adding amount of 0.5 to 1.0%, according to the dosage of photosynthetic efficiency needs adjustment.

Silica gel The light diffusion agent Four. Safety matters:

This product is a big white powder, non-toxic tasteless non-polluting, high temperature resistant, at the same time, it has good chemical inertness. Please wear masks and long-term users fingertip to avoid inhalation and cause respiratory disease.

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