PMMA The light diffusion agent JSYA®TXM

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PMMA The light diffusion agent JSYA®TXM Series is using proprietary technology, the development of the company Monodisperse cross-linked poly (methyl methacrylate microspheres. In addition to this product series

Uniform particle size distribution,Has the same Good solvent resistance and heat resistance

PMMA The light diffusion agent JSYA®TXM Product features:
Uniform particle size distribution
Easy to disperse
Good temperature resistance, solvent resistance
Good mechanical strength
Good smooth performance

Application field PMMA The light diffusion agent JSYA®TXM
cosmetics:To improve liquidity; Good touch and dispersion; Extinction performance
Paint ink:Scratch resistant agent; Feel is improved; Wear-resisting agent; Texture agent
Light diffusion membrane light diffuser:The light diffusion agent
LCD:The liquid crystal isolation microspheres
Thin film:Resistance to Adhesion agent Can be used for PP, PE, PET film
other:Also can be used as plastic, rubber, adhesive, pressure sensitive paper improved agent

PMMA The light diffusion agent JSYA®TXM series spherical powder should be stored in sealing, opaque container, and should avoid direct sunlight, avoid high temperature and humidity.

Important announcement: the company provides information technology consulting and instructions, to become in the form of oral, written, or test report, all for the user's guide, rather than a guarantee

PMMA The light diffusion agent JSYA®TXM
The company will not guarantee a product must be suitable for a certain purpose. Users need to test the product before use and formula is adapted to its process and use. Our company only guarantee
The continuity of the product quality.

Product model:
TXM -18,TXM -30,TXM -50,TXM -100,TXM -150,TXM -200,TXM -300
Primary particle size μm:
Degree of crosslinking:
White spherical powder
The density:
1.2 (20℃)
The water content:
5% max
Oil absorption The amount:
0.5 ~ 0.7 cc/g
The refractive index:
Decomposition temperature:
250 ~ 270℃
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