Nylon lubrication nucleating agent M85

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Nylon lubrication nucleating agent   M85

1.About our product
The product description:  M85 Is nucleating agent, lubricant and lubricant through optimization of mixture

Physical properties and applications:
nucleating agent   M85 Focus on solving the nylon demoulding difficult, dimension stability is not enough
nucleating agent M85 Advantages as follows:
Shorten the molding cycle, improve the productivity
Improve the products size stability
Reduce the products size shrinkage
To prevent stress cracking
Products to improve mechanical properties (increase tensile strength and hardness... )
Improve products heat deformation temperature (HDT)
Increasing liquidity and dispersion
Easy to demould

nucleating agent   M85 add amount:


Add 0.2% can obtain excellent demoulding effect and dimensional stability,Concrete added depends on the types of polymer and the performance of the final products want to achieve

Processing way

The best way of processing Using a twin-screw extruder blend
Only the processing way can make heat stabilizer in polymer best dispersion effect
In the nylon particles Dry mixing nucleating agent M85 In injection molding And cannot ensure evenly dispersed in the melt
However, in order to improve the nucleating agent M85 in the dispersion of dry mixing process, it is recommended to use the diffusion oil, white oil or silicone oil

Product safety labeling
Nucleating agent M85 need not classified as dangerous goods, but this does not rule out in the application, will not produce dangerous goods regulations described with dangerous chemicals  Therefore, before using this product, it is necessary to use risk assessment, must follow the general operating norms
For more information please refer to our products specification
The risk warning from the European rules, when using the product, must pay attention to local differences between legal system or additional regulations

nucleating agent   M85 packaging
5 kg carton pack, the inner packing is PE bags, 12 cartons/pallets

Storage/shelf life
In standard conditions (dry, 25 ℃) under the unopened M85 can be stored for at least 12 months. Avoid heat and moisture when stored

White powder
Soften the scope:
Is greater than 80 ℃
The density:
About 200-400 - g/l
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