Nucleating transparent agent NU - 004

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Nucleating agent

Nucleating transparent agent NU - 004 polypropylene PP transparent nucleating agent

This product is carboxylic acid salts nucleating transparent agent, polyolefin nucleating agent, compared with other kinds of nucleating agent, can give more plastic products excellent transparency, surface gloss and other physical and mechanical properties  This product appearance white, without excitant peculiar smell, can provide a good production environment for plastics processing alternative similar imported products

Nucleating transparent agent NU - 004 Suitable for manufacturing transparent polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin Such as medical supplies, stationery, beverage packaging, transparent cup, bowl, basin, dish and CD case,Can also be applied to high temperature disinfection products Nucleating transparent agent NU - 004 can be directly use with PP dry mixing, can also be made from 2.5 to 5% of masterbatch again after use, the general content of nucleating transparent agent NU - 004 in 0.1 0.4% anti-reflection effect is very significant  Suggest to add 0.1 to 0.3%

3.Packaging and storage of
The inner packing is PE bag, 20 kg per bag. Should be preserved in a cool, dry place, in has not opened long class under the condition of preservation, such as has not used up when the product, should tighten double mouth to avoid moisture absorption

4.Matters needing attention
Organic chemicals, please do not eat; Careless use, such as the material into the mouth or eyes, rinse with water immediately, serious when please go to the hospital treatment

White powder, non-toxic tasteless
moisture( % ),≤:
Particle size≥:
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Nucleating agent