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Nucleating agent

The third generation of sorbitol transparent PP nucleating agent DMDBS

The characteristics  Nucleating agent  DMDBS:

This product is the third generation of sorbitol tired transparent nucleating agent (DMDBS), it the second generation of sorbitol nucleating agent (MDBS) tired better give plastic products excellent transparency, applicability and other physical and mechanical properties

By testing the product non-toxic tasteless, the same as the application performance of similar products abroad, is high grade sorbitol transparent nucleating agent products are the ideal choice

certified non-toxic products

Can significantly improve the transparence of polypropylene, and improve the stability of the polypropylene, thereby reducing raw material costs

Can improve the crystallization temperature, reducing mold operation time, reduce the mold cycle, and improve production efficiency

To consolidate and enhance the impact resistance performance, and good low-temperature impact resistance performance

Can improve the heat resistance,   For polypropylene without adding nucleating agen,   Can significantly increase the thermal deformation temperature

Will not react with other additives, additives, and will not react with other substances

Applicable process: injection molding, blow molding, blow molding, sheet extrusion, thin-wall injection molding, cast film, hot forming, etc

Nucleating agent  DMDBS
Areas of application: applicable to food packaging, beverage packaging, medical supplies, stationery, packaging (CD box, etc.), stationery, high-grade dining utensils (transparent basin, barrel, plate, plate, cup), baby toys, pipes, sheets and hot microwave containers, etc., can also be applied to high temperature disinfection products.

This product can be directly mixed with raw materials processing made of transparent products, also can be used into masterbatch

Add: one is added to the resin directly mixing, molding or extrusion molding; 2 it is mixed with resins and other additives to made of transparent masterbatch, then with ordinary polyolefin mixed use

White powder (three generations)
Melting point:
Particle size:
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Nucleating agent