Light diffusion agent amino microspheres JSYA®VM

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Light diffusion agent amino microspheres JSYA®VM is a kind of organic amino spherical resin, thermosetting type in coatings, plastic film, cosmetics and other fields has a good application

Product features
Have small and narrow particle size distribution
For easy to disperse
Has excellent temperature resistance, solvent resistance, acid and alkaline
Good mechanical strength
Has excellent surface hardness

Range of application Light diffusion agent amino microspheres JSYA®VM
cosmetics:Packing; To improve liquidity; Good touch and dispersion; Extinction performance
Paint ink:Matting agent. Scratch resistant agent; Feel is improved; Wear-resisting agent;
LED encapsulation light diffusion agent
LED lighting
Thin film:Light diffusion agent; Anti adhesion agent; Abrasion resistance.
other:Also can be used as plastic, rubber, adhesive, pressure sensitive paper packing and amendment

Light diffusion agent amino microspheres JSYA®VM series spherical powder should be stored in sealing, opaque container, and should avoid direct sunlight, avoid high temperature and humidity.

Light diffusion agent amino microspheres JSYA®VM Important announcement: the company provides information technology consulting and instructions, to become in the form of oral, written, or test report, all for the user's guide, rather than a guarantee
Product model:
The average particle size μm:
Softening point℃:
There is no
White spherical powder
The density of:
The water content:
4% max
Oil absorption cc/g:
0.6 ~ 1.0
The refractive index:
Decomposition temperature:
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