Inorganic nucleating agent Nu-300

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Inorganic nucleating agent Nu - 300 is a modification of high purity silica

Due to its high carbide banded structure and the fineness, Suggestions for application of polypropylene car inner decoration and dashboard, etc

Inorganic nucleating agent  Nu-300 Inorganic nucleating agent class is equivalent to the second phase in the process of crystallization of small particles present in the PET melt,in these particles in the high temperature section is not molten state, in the process of cooling, PET molecular chain is centered on the particles, the adsorption on the particle and organized to form a nucleus  Inorganic nucleating agent  Nu-300
As a result, these small molecules inorganic as heterogeneous nucleating agent, reduces the activation energy needed to PET to form the product of nuclear, and the subsequent crystal growth process, namely the adsorbed on the surface of the crystal nucleus and PET molecular chain segments are in the process of man's character.
Inorganic nucleating agent  Nu-300 Inorganic nucleating agent in PET into nuclear agent, its initial crystallization is formed in the filler particle surface, along with the resulting transfer of layered structure crystal small lateral diffusion in particle surface
After joining improve the tensile strength and bending strength of PET
nucleating agent  Nu-300 Product features:
Inorganic nucleating agent Nu - 300 compared with other organic nucleating agent, Inorganic nucleating agent  Nu-300 is modified by the rigid plastic products, surface hardness and thermal deformation temperature were significantly improved, and good dispersion, good thermal stability, under the condition of high temperature. Do not affect the other performance of the polymer products,Inorganic nucleating agent  Nu-300 but the transparency and add quantity is the main defect of nucleating agent

Scope of application
Material: PP and PET
Molding methods: extrusion and injection molding

Recommended dosage nucleating agent  Nu-300
Recommend adding quantity: 1-5%

Package is installed nucleating agent  Nu-300
The product is 20 kg paper-plastic bag packaging.

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