Epoxy resin diffusion agent JSY-8080

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Product features

Luminous word is a white to yellowish liquid diffusion agent, containing epoxy resin and 1 diffusion packing. Rubber press epoxy resin (A) the weight of 3-10% (specific content Suggestions according to the using process and requirements and add) the proportion of added Epoxy resin diffusion agent JSY-8080
Is mainly suitable for resin luminous characters, LED luminous resin, light emitting diode (LED encapsulation), LED digital tube, LED dot matrix, signage, light box advertising board, cosmetics bottles and other products, photoelectric products, increase the light scattering and transmission cover hair light and dazzling light at the same time, can make whole resin is more soft, beautiful, elegant light, pervious to light opaque comfortable effect Epoxy resin diffusion agent JSY-8080
Product parameters that
Model number: Epoxy resin diffusion agent JSY-8080
Appearance (color) : white to light yellow liquid
Viscosity (25 ℃) : 2001-2501 CPS
12 months shelf life (25 ℃)
Product instructions
Rubber epoxy resin (A) substrate before joining curing agent (B) mix, add 3-10% of the light under normal temperature agent and other need to join FuLiao (such as paint, thinner, phosphor, etc.) fully stir well, then add hardener, complete curing of epoxy resin
Meet the pervious to light opaque resin word and the effect of light conditions
The light refraction of light agent than high refractive index of the resin. We commonly used resin light refractive index is 1.544, the acrylic resin light refractive index of 1.491. Too far above or below the light refractive index of the resin can cause a lot of reflection, affect the light transmittance, refractive index, and close to resin will reduce the path of light scattering, less reduced transparency, unable to effectively cover on the light Epoxy resin diffusion agent JSY-8080
The particle size of light agent than visible light wavelength. Because the diameter of the light agent than the wavelength of visible light (0.4 ~ 0.75 um), so the dispersed in the resin enough light agent can effectively cover on the light, and the distance between two adjacent diffusion particles is very small. Therefore, to produce multiple scattering, makes for a affinity to the human eye dazzling incident light and soft light
Matters needing attention Epoxy resin diffusion agent JSY-8080
Add too little will see the light source, adding too much will make the light is dim, suggested that the first use of friends to do some small test batch again after use;
Epoxy resin diffusion agent JSY-8080
Please note that kept sealed after using it.

Appearance (color):
White to light yellow liquid
Viscosity (25 ℃):
2001 - 2501 cps
Shelf life (25 ℃):
12 months
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