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Nucleating agent

Polyamide PA nylon composite nucleating agent commonality   ULTRA - DN

Product introduction
AUSINYL ULTRA - DN, nucleating agent is a kind of compound contains release agent. It can improve the crystallization of PA * * rate, so as to shorten the molding cycle, improve molding and mold release performance, at the same time also can achieve the following function:
Improve the mechanical properties (tensile and bending properties);
Improve the products dimension stability;
Reduce shrinkage;
To improve the surface quality
Physical properties

Composite nucleating agent ULTRA - DN content is 100%
The carrier has no
The melting point of 145 ~ 170 ℃
The appearance of white powder
Scope of application
Material: PA 6 and PA 66.
Molding methods: extrusion and injection molding

Composite nucleating agent ULTRA - DN Recommended dosage:
Recommended amount: 0.10 0.15% PA in the 66 s; 0.15 0.3% in PA 6.

Food contact features
AUSINYL of ULTRA - DN components comply with FDA, EU and food contact regulations.

Composite nucleating agent ULTRA - DN Package is installed:
Small packaging products for 20 kg paper bag

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